About Us


Conjunction Realty's innovative approach is centred around its ground-breaking ‘Conjunction Commitment’ which offers any agent, from any agency, 40% of our commission if they introduce a buyer that ends up purchasing a Conjunction Realty listing.

This commitment, which Conjunction Realty hopes will become the industry norm, means that agents are incentivised to work together to find better solutions for the sellers and buyers they are engaged with.

Conjunction Realty’s approach lays out a new blueprint for the real estate industry based on collaboration and mutual benefit for sellers, buyers and agents.

Conjunction Realty’s focus on driving better outcomes for sellers and buyers through collaboration is at the heart of its culture. Its agents are encouraged to work together, share listings and information, and always keep the client’s needs central to every decision they make.



Real estate agencies and agents currently work independently, often in a competitive way, guarding the few sellers and buyers on their books. The problem with that is that agents only facilitate interactions between their sellers and buyers, reducing access to the rest of the market.

Conjunction Realty’s model encourages agents to share their listings and buyers, effectively expanding the market for sellers as they can access more buyers, and buyers as they can access more listings.

With agencies working together: Sellers can connect to more interested buyers giving them the best chance of selling faster and at the best price.

Buyers can access more listings, giving them the best chance of finding a property that’s right for them. Agents can satisfy more clients and sell more properties.

The real estate industry can build a more positive and collaborative culture where agents share the load and help sellers, buyers and each other to succeed.

Society benefits from a more positive, collaborative and open real estate industry that is finding better solutions for homeowners and investors and improving economic output and quality of life.



To create better outcomes for sellers, buyers and agents by working more closely and effectively with each other and other agencies.



A more open and collaborative real estate industry where agents work together to help sellers, buyers and each other to succeed.




We know that collaboration is central to finding better solutions for sellers and buyers and to the future of the real estate industry


Our business is built on the strong relationships we have with sellers, buyers, other agencies and each other


We are hungry, we want to grow, and we work hard to seize every opportunity we create


We believe everyone involved in a real estate transaction should have a positive outcome. Sellers, buyers, agents and society will all benefit from a more open & collaborative industry


We are passionate about our industry, our work and creating better outcomes for our clients