Its Time for Change!

Conjunction Realty, one of the Gold Coast's leading real estate agencies, is revolutionizing the industry with its pioneering abundance mentality. Spearheaded by Brian Washbourne, David Bugeja, and Glenn Hankinson, Conjunction Realty's innovative approach centers on building equitable solutions that benefit both buyers and sellers.


Conjunction Realty's 40% commission offer to other agents, designed to accelerate property sales, has been described by experts as a game-changer that's shaking the industry's foundations. This unprecedented move goes against the grain and puts Conjunction Realty at the forefront of redefining the real estate market landscape.


The agency's focus on prioritizing the interests of clients over conventional profits-based thinking is refreshing and renewing faith in the industry's capacity to deliver value to customers. As Brian Washbourne highlights, "We believe that most agents put themselves first and are reluctant to share commissions with other agents. The real estate industry is only focused on their own profits, while often ignoring the needs of its clients. That's why we've introduced our abundance mentality approach."


The disruption caused by Conjunction Realty's abundance mentality has not been without critics. However, Washbourne, Bugeja, and Hankinson are unfazed by those opinions and remain confident that they are offering nothing but the best for clients seeking to buy or sell property.


Conjunction Realty's revolutionary approach raises the question among industry players: will this top-of-the-range service reset the standard, providing a much-needed opportunity for clients to come first, ahead of outdated and self-served models that dominate the marketplace?


Regardless of critics, one thing is for sure, Conjunction Realty's abundance mentality is a force to be reckoned with in the Gold Coast's real estate market, with an eye on a better future for property owners and buyers alike.